La Robla Nueva Energía

La Robla NE is the largest green e-methanol plant in Europe, an essential product to decarbonise the transport and chemical industry sectors.

In the plant, the CO₂ extracted from the biomass is blended with green hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water using renewable electrical energy to produce green e-methanol, a new generation product.

Methanol and green e-methanol

Methanol (CH₃OH), also known as methyl alcohol, is the simplest of the alcohols. It is liquid and colourless and highly demanded, given its multiple industrial applications:
  • Solvent
  • Antifreeze

  • Paints

  • Use in construction materials

  • Use in the textile industry

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Fuel production

Green e-methanol is produced by using hydrogen from the electrolysis of water in a plant powered by renewable electrical energy and CO2 of biogenic origin.

An accelerator for the Energy Transition

Green e-methanol is an essential product to decarbonise two sectors that are struggling with reducing emissions from their activities:

Heavy transport

The expansion of green e-methanol as an alternative fuel to fossil fuels would contribute to the decarbonisation of heavy transport as it has a neutral carbon footprint.

Chemical industry

Green e-methanol will also play a key role in the decarbonisation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as it can be used as a feedstock.

"La Robla New Energy" in numbers

0 kt/Year of green e-Methanol from:
0 t/Year green CO₂
0 t/Year green H₂