Just Transition

La Robla Green fits perfectly with the administrations’ aim to promote quality employment in Just Transition areas.

La Robla Green, an example of Just Transition

In 1970, the thermal power station of La Robla was inaugurated, which, together with the mining industry, was an economic engine for the Central Mountains of León for several decades. With the disappearance of these activities, there has been a 35% drop in the population due to the lack of employment.

La Robla Green is the integrated project that responds to the demand for new productive projects in the area, linked, indeed, to the new green economy. It is a project that, moreover, fits perfectly with the aim of the administrations to promote quality employment in Just Transition areas.

La Robla Green es el proyecto integrado que da respuesta a una demanda de nuevos proyectos tractores en la zona, ligados, eso sí, a la nueva economía verde. Es un proyecto que, además, encaja perfectamente en el propósito de las administraciones de favorecer el empleo de calidad en zonas de Transición Justa.


Challenges of the project at local level

  • To promote a new green economy in the territories affected by the end of mining and coal-related activities and by the closure of the old thermal power plant.

  • To promote projects that have a boosting effect on the local economy.

  • To stop depopulation.

  • Directly create new jobs and indirectly promote the expansion of the employment offer in the area.

  • To make better use of the renewable natural resources (of agricultural origin) of Castilla y León and to valorise them for the generation of emission-neutral energy.

Strategic location

This location provides the most suitable site for the project as it allows the two plants to coexist in the same space. In addition, the biomass plant can make use of agricultural waste from farmers in the area, while the green ethanol plant is strategically connected to the rest of Spain and to different ports that facilitate exports to Europe and other continents.