The future of energy
starts in Castilla y León

Green energy for Just Transition

Integrated project

La Robla Green is the most innovative integrated green energy generation project in Europe and will have two large cutting-edge facilities working in synergy.

Roblum is the first green biomass power plant with a negative carbon footprint, capable of generating energy for the consumption of around 50,000 households.
Biomass is a renewable energy source from the controlled combustion of organic waste from agriculture.  This waste represents millions of tonnes, part of which is not used nowadays.

La Robla Nueva Energía is the largest green e-methanol plant in Europe. At its facilities, the CO₂ extracted from the Roblum biomass energy generation plant is mixed with green hydrogen to produce a new generation product. It is an essential product for decarbonising two sectors that are facing problems in reducing emissions from their activities: the chemical industry and the transport.

2 projects, 1 installation

Why in La Robla?
Just Transition and strategic location

The project will be located in the industrial estate El Crispín, in La Robla, a Just Transition Zone whose population has been decreased since the closure of the thermal power plant and the extinction of the mining industry.

Red de calor para edificios públicos
Producción de
e-metanol verde
Balance global negativo en carbono
M€ of investment
Job vacancies
4 MWt network heat
e-green methanol
Start of construction
2S 2024
Start of operation
2S 2026

16 million Euros per year to the agricultural and logistics sectors.

La Robla Green in the media

León Noticias
Las dos iniciativas convertirán la vieja térmica en el nudo productor de hidrógeno más importante de España y en un centro clave de la producción con biomasa. Ambos proyectos crearán 100 empleos directos y 350 indirectos.
Diario de Castilla León
Reolum, Tresca Ingeniería e Incus Capital desarrollarán un proyecto pionero en el mundo integrado de generación de energía limpia a partir de biomasa y producción de e-metanol verde en La Robla (León).
El Periodico de la Energía
Reolum, Tresca Ingeniería e Incus Capital invertirán casi 440 millones en un doble proyecto de biomasa con captura de CO2 y la mayor planta de e-metanol verde de Europa.