About us

La Robla Green is an initiative of three companies: Reolum, Tresca Ingeniería and Incus Capital, which have brought together their extensive experience in various fields related to this initiative to give birth to this project

Reolum is a company specialised in the integral development of renewable energy projects, mainly wind, solar and biomass energy, founded and led by an experienced team with a long track record and recognition in the sector, whose objective is to combine the concepts of profitability and sustainability.

The company, founded by its two partners – Fernando Muñoz and Yann Dumont – has a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 professionals. Thanks to its national and international experience and a strategic vision of the sector, Reolum brings differential value to its clients and contributes to the achievement of the objective set by the European Union: that 32% of energy should come from renewable sources by 2030.

Tresca Ingeniería is a company from León that offers first class services in the fields of consultancy and industrial engineering.

With a consolidated track record of 20 years, Tresca Ingeniería has worked in 30 countries around the world in key industrial sectors and has become a benchmark company in terms of industrial applications and green hydrogen mobility and, consequently, a leader in the use of this green resource to achieve climate neutrality and the decarbonisation of the economy and industry.

Incus Capital is an independent, private real estate investment advisory firm with local offices in Madrid, Lisbon, Milan and Paris.

The firm, founded in 2012, is an advisor to over €2 billion of assets under management in European equity and credit funds.